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This is the website you’re browsing right now. The structure is based on design patterns from the Laravel PHP framework. The comments are handled by Isso — a backend commenting server written in Python. The static parts of this website are compiled by Hugo, while the PHP front controller handles the rest.

The backend traffic dashboard is integrated into the website using GoAccess which is a traffic monitor that reads the access logs of Nginx. Nothing much else to it. This website is small, lean, and compact since it was intended to run on a tiny Raspberry Pi.

Content Management System

Cockpit Content Management System
Cockpit Dashboard

The content on this site is sometimes edited using an “API driven headless CMS” Sounds like an marketing tag line. Cockpit. The Hugo Cockpit addon is The code is old and a bit crude. to control Hugo.

Editing an article in the Cockpit Dashboard
Editing an article in the Cockpit Dashboard