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Thedro Neely

Hi, My name is Thedro, and I'm a web developer based in The Bahamas.


Front End

HTML   CSS   JavaScript   Bulma

Bootstrap   Sass   Tailwind

Back End

PHP   Python   MariaDB   MySQL

PostgreSQL   Nginx   Apache

Tooling and Frameworks

LaTeX   Laravel   Sublime Text

Npm   Webpack   Gimp   Hugo

Version Systems & GUIs

Git   Gitlab   Github   Gitea

Sys Admin

CentOS   Debian   Windows

Android   Alpine   pfSense/Opnsense

Systemd   DNS   SMTP   DHCP

Dev Ops

Docker   Jenkins   Drone CI



Are you currently available for work?

Yes, I'm currently available for contract work and full-time job opportunities.

How long have you been programming?

I've been programming for a long time, too long to accurately say.

What is your preferred stack?

PHP 7 + PostgreSQL. Pretty decent stuff. I'm still learning Vue and React. I'd like to learn Go next.

What's your OS setup?

Linux distribution with everything else floating on top. NixOS hosting Arch, CentOS, Debian, Void, Windows, macOS and more.


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