I’m a freelance web developer and Linux system administrator based in The Bahamas. This page contains a brief summary of my skills. My online resume contains a more detailed summary.

Programming Experience

For a quick overview — I have good knowledge of PHP and JavaScript and can navigate Python and Bash. I’m familiar with C and C++ and right now experimenting with Go and Rust. On the front–end, I’m above average in CSS, experienced with HTML, and currently experimenting with JavaScript environments like React, Vue, and TypeScript.

Linux Experience

We could talk Linux based systems all day. I’ve worked with Linux for more than 10 years, as far back to the days of Ubuntu Hardy Heron. I’m familiar with both core and advanced tools whether it be systemd, libvirtd, sshd, iptables, bash, sudo and more. My personal system is NixOS for its flexibility, but I also use Debian, CentOS, Alpine, Arch, Void, and FreeBSD.

Other Experience

My other interests include voice acting, document typesetting in LaTeX — a document preparation system, and general android development.