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Here’s a site that’s been in my personal use for while. It’s a local news aggregator that gathers stories from around The Bahamas and creates a tight newspaper esque view. The stories are gathered using old school RSS.

This website is generated using a simple Static site generators are perfect for news sites. site generator written in Golang. I’ve hacked together my own static site generator after taking a peek at both Hugo and Openring’s source code. On the frontend, I’ve opted not to use any frameworks and implemented a nested Naturally, this started with a grid approach, but slowly became worried about cross browser support. based approach to obtain a complex Desktop Layout Desktop Layout

Automatic deployment happens with a simple POSIX compliant shell script. The RSS fetch process is decoupled from the website generation process, allowing for super fast site regeneration.

Internal web pages are generated and passed through Monolith to Monolith is a program written in Rust that reduces a web page to a single HTML file. all assets into a single file. This file is served in one Encoding everything into a single file is not always a good decision. That is crazy — but here’s the result of a speed test. In a practical sense, the grade should be closer to F since all data is encoded into an unoptimized document.

Speed Test Results

  • Note: The source is nothing to write home about but I’ll be adding a link to it once my laziness subsides.