Golden Sun

Golden Sun is a classical role–playing game (RPG) released on the Game Boy Advance (GBA). The story follows the silent protagonist Isaac as he is forced into an epic journey to prevent the collapse of the flat world of Weyard. Isaac who is an adept, must team up with other adepts scattered throughout the continent to prevent the relighting of the four elemental lighthouses, earth, wind, fire, and water. The adepts themselves wield the four elements through a force called A play on the word psychic energy. and must solve ancient puzzles to achieve their goal.

Golden Sun takes inspiration from the lesser known elements of Greek and Arabian mythology, but what makes it truly spectacular is the combination of classical RPG mechanics with a rock solid story line. The gameplay mechanics are simple, clean, and fast. Golden Sun is one of the few console RPGs on the GBA to properly orchestrate movement of the camera during battle. In contrast, modern RPGs have become slow, bloated, and dumbed down a tad too much. There’s a lot to be learned from refining aspects that Golden Sun itself refined from the classical RPG genre. Modern games like The Alliance Alive and Octopath Traveler are among the few that have refined some of the classical RPG elements.

The story is played in three parts and is not necessarily a trilogy but more of a “series”.

  1. Golden Sun
  2. Golden Sun: The Lost Age
  3. Golden Sun: The Dark Dawn

Golden Sun has quite the fan following, and I periodically check out the ecosystem. It appears that someone tried to reverse engineer the game engine at some point, which is really impressive.

1 June 2021 — Written
1 June 2021 — Updated
Thedro Neely — Creator — Article

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