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@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@ dmenu \- dynamic menu
.RB [ \-i ]
.RB [ \-l
.IR lines ]
-.RB [ \-m
-.IR monitor ]
.RB [ \-p
.IR prompt ]
.RB [ \-fn
@@ -58,9 +56,6 @@ dmenu matches menu items case insensitively.
.BI \-l " lines"
dmenu lists items vertically, with the given number of lines.
-.BI \-m " monitor"
-dmenu appears on the given Xinerama screen.
.BI \-p " prompt"
defines the prompt to be displayed to the left of the input field.
@@ -86,23 +81,23 @@ defines the selected foreground color.
prints version information to stdout, then exits.
dmenu is completely controlled by the keyboard. Besides standard Unix line
-editing and item selection (Up/Down/Left/Right, PageUp/PageDown, Home/End), the
+editing and item selection (arrow keys, page up/down, home and end), the
following keys are recognized:
-.B Tab (Control\-i)
+.B Tab (Ctrl\-i)
Copy the selected item to the input field.
-.B Return (Control\-j)
+.B Return (Ctrl\-j)
Confirm selection. Prints the selected item to stdout and exits, returning
-.B Shift\-Return (Control\-Shift\-j)
+.B Shift\-Return (Ctrl\-Shift\-j)
Confirm input. Prints the input text to stdout and exits, returning success.
-.B Escape (Control\-c)
+.B Escape (Ctrl\-c)
Exit without selecting an item, returning failure.
-.B Control\-y
+.B Ctrl\-y
Paste the current X selection into the input field.
.BR dwm (1)