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  Thedro Neely 10f027de65 templates: Start over 4 months ago
  Thedro Neely 19cf0ea438 templates: 1.11.4 -> 1.11.8 6 months ago
  Thedro Neely 88b8a06e62 templates/base: Update to 1.11.2 10 months ago
  Thedro Neely 1e9fa19daf public/css/override: Fine tuning 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely f7c440e1da templates: Initial changes for v1.11.0 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely 4adfce3419 public/css/override: Add some repo icons back 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 02411755c6 templates/base/head_navbar: Use AppSubUrl 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely b39b156bed templates/base/head: Remove no JavaScript warning 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely ca61038c9f templates/repo/header: Default to zero commits and branches 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 9a53969a7d templates/repo/header: Fix context 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 9a12f67855 templates/repo/header: Move topics editor to header 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely f5618e06d0 templates/repo/header: Move topics to header 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely f615bf9b94 templates/repo/header: Add class to repo name 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 39d58d3614 templates/base: Add head template 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 27948c4cc4 templates/repo/header: Move commit and branch to header tab 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 96ae6adbe1 templates/repo/header: Downgrade source files to 1.10.3 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 92ed765e33 templates/custom: Remove base head and use custom 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 36d5d2cca7 templates/repo/header: Repo description on top 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 29e1804262 templates: Add repo header and home 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely ace114e828 templates: Base commit 1 year ago