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  Thedro Neely 10f027de65 templates: Start over 4 months ago
  Thedro Neely 4f58c6fded public/img: Update favicons 9 months ago
  Thedro Neely 3a4058b6f7 public/css/override: Active tab item adjustments 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely f3ec3f51a6 public/css/override: Use background on active tab 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely c141f2111a public/css/override: Make table rows more compact 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely 07b4d3712b public/css/override: Underline hover on repo file table 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely b3a5a900dd public/css/override: Fix bold repo title 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely 8407afebc3 public/css/override: Remove underline on explore items 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely c0b99414bd public/css/override: Fix user activity menu 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely 1e9fa19daf public/css/override: Fine tuning 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely b1af3da65e public/css/override: Change repo tab hover color 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely 8004b17bcf public/css/override: Fork/mirror indicator 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely 4adfce3419 public/css/override: Add some repo icons back 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely 52f5d138bd public/css/override: Add table rows hover underline 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely 93431b8fc6 public/css/override: Limit dashboard navigation width 11 months ago
  Thedro Neely 6f081db46e public/css/override: Fix navigation alignment 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely ac5672e502 public/css/override: Control container breakpoints 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 928f645d8a public/css/override: Unset navigation bar width 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely de0802e22c public/css/override: Remove extra top width 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 8f40eca520 public/css/override: Navigation alignment 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 0ccd308ea3 public/css/override: Align navigation bar 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely c07724a4d7 public/css/override: Override all container widths 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 00ee50f944 public/css/override: Underline navigation items 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely d601d0c105 public/css/override: Hide navigation icons 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely a10d8b8ec1 public/css/override: Hide icons with more specificity 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely e9ce23b2b9 public/css/override: Override user profile 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 54db5bfdcc public/css/override: More compact UI buttons 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 90fc8be180 public/css/override: Counter color changes 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 4a5ec479a1 public/css/override: Remove margin top on right header 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 77f497c818 public/css/override: Specific alignment for commit list header 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely a0a391d9c8 public/css/override: Compact table 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 596d88b62e public/css/override: Offset divider 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 0936e746e6 public/css/override: Keep overflow static 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 1f32175041 public/css/override: Hide vertical overflow 1 year ago
  tdro b1ddd68db5 public/css/override: Overflow only when needed 1 year ago
  tdro d585e6e970 public/css/override: Reveal overflow scrollbar on hover 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely cbaa090277 public/css/override: Add more specificity and cleanup 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 4e40a1554f public/css/override: Add more specificity 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 9a12f67855 templates/repo/header: Move topics editor to header 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 8c3b8cbe89 public/css/override: Darker file name color 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 490a892224 public/css/override: Always show scrollbar 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely a1aca86b1f public/css/override: Remove borders on pagination 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 8c2c4caffa public/css/override: Override explore page 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 21fd080ee8 public/css/override: Override repository page 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely ea8d28750b public/css/override: Basic reset 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 81f7cfea33 public/img/avatar_default: Override 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely 7dffcb472f public/css/override: Initial repository page override 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely e890c764ce public/css/override: Hide icons on top header only 1 year ago
  Thedro Neely ace114e828 templates: Base commit 1 year ago