Thedro's Dotfiles
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tdro b43265ac0f .local/share/applications/image: Use sxiv 15 hours ago
X11 .local/bin: Add dmenu_run_history 3 months ago
awesome .config/xbindkeysrc: Control ontop property 4 days ago
chromexup .config/chromexup/config: Remove unused extensions 1 month ago
copyq .config/copyq: Disable check selection 1 month ago
emacs .config/emacs/emacs.el: Set text selection color 1 day ago
fzf-marks .config/fzf-marks/fzf-marks.plugin.bash: Sync upstream 3 months ago
git .config/git/gitignore -> .config/git/ignore 1 month ago
htop .config/htop/htoprc: Default sort by command 5 months ago
mimeo .config/mimeapps.list: Add mail client 3 weeks ago
moc .config/moc: Add config 6 months ago
mplayer .mplayer -> .config/mplayer 1 month ago
nixpkgs .local/share/applications/image: Use sxiv 15 hours ago
pulse .config/pulse/client: Remove invalid setting 6 months ago
ranger .config/ranger: Fix fzf 3 months ago
skippy-xd .config/skippy-xd: Update highlight tint 6 months ago
spacefm .config/spacefm/session: Use vidir and remove rntools 2 months ago
sublime-text-3/Packages/User .config/sublime-text-3/Packages/User: Font change 10 months ago
systemd/user .config/systemd/user/syncthing: Restart is always 2 months ago
urxvt/ext .urxvt/ext -> .config/urxvt/ext 5 months ago
vale .config/nixpkgs: Add vale 3 months ago
zathura .local/bin/xdg-open: Detect terminals 3 months ago
zim .config: Add zim 1 month ago
chromium-flags.conf .config/chromium-flags.conf: Disable smooth scrolling 1 year ago
compton.conf compton: Remove deprecated options 1 year ago davmail: Move to config folder 10 months ago
eslintrc.yml .eslintrc.yml -> .config/eslintrc.yml 6 months ago
inputrc .config/inputrc: Set more options 6 months ago
mimeapps.list .config/mimeapps.list: Add mail client 3 weeks ago
npmrc .config: Add npmrc 5 months ago
redshift.conf .config/redshift.conf: Cleanup 6 months ago
user-dirs.dirs .config/user-dirs.dirs: Add 10 months ago
xbindkeysrc .config/nixpkgs: Add boomer 1 day ago