201 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tdro db130a75d2 .vimrc: Scratchpad noremap 1 month ago
  tdro 1c3e652601 .vimrc: Echo last part of path only 1 month ago
  tdro 3adcbf1359 .vimrc: Add scratchpad 1 month ago
  tdro cecb64075c .vimrc: Quote entire notify echo message 1 month ago
  tdro d45fa49d4b .vimrc: Use $TERMINAL 1 month ago
  tdro dceea6915a .vimrc: Add yaml round trip linter 1 month ago
  tdro d235e3f446 .vimrc: Text folding 1 month ago
  tdro f999e31618 .vimrc: Allow text folding 1 month ago
  tdro 49bce64ce9 .vimrc: Function notify consistency 1 month ago
  tdro 2b91d8708e .vimrc: Remove prettier HTML linter 1 month ago
  tdro bd44f769e1 .vimrc: Add clang tools 1 month ago
  tdro befbbafb58 .vimrc: Add golang checks 1 month ago
  tdro 0fc0e1154f .vimrc: Create crude typographic formatter and reverser 1 month ago
  tdro 9863c127ce .vimrc: Transliterate special characters 1 month ago
  tdro 460706b235 .vimrc: Toggle line numbers 1 month ago
  tdro eea639144c .vimrc: Inline comment some settings 1 month ago
  tdro fc42dfca61 .vimrc: Set option nojoinspaces 1 month ago
  tdro f52e3543ac .vimrc: pretty format awk code 1 month ago
  tdro 35cd3f21f1 .vimrc: Add simple awk REPL and linter 1 month ago
  tdro c05ef87b97 .vimrc: Group split window mappings 1 month ago
  tdro 0d04bf6a76 .vimrc: Detect elixir file type 2 months ago
  tdro 984a52b592 .vimrc: Set display to lastline 2 months ago
  tdro 28db46504b .vimrc: Add nixos option lookups 2 months ago
  tdro dac65080e0 .vimrc: Use lowercase leader throughout 2 months ago
  tdro 0805f12556 .vimrc: Add elixir function lookups 2 months ago
  tdro ae0c740886 .vimrc: Add elixir format 2 months ago
  tdro 2857a872fc .vimrc: Set path and wildmenu 4 months ago
  tdro 8359bf5676 .vimrc: Visual mode duplicate line removal 4 months ago
  tdro f59a23b334 .vimrc: Use execute shorthand 4 months ago
  tdro 90eb8b8870 .vimrc: Add jump to line and column function 4 months ago
  tdro 58cc9e20ba .vimrc: Setting status bar on the fly is buggy 4 months ago
  tdro 4c861fddce .vimrc: Add highlight 4 months ago
  tdro d94b406e09 .vimrc: Auto hide status bar on remaining commands 4 months ago
  tdro 05b5a6d064 .vimrc: Set status bar on some file open maps 4 months ago
  tdro 879fb392ff .vimrc: Fix prettier HTML command 5 months ago
  tdro 006a856182 .vimrc: Single column delimiter 5 months ago
  tdro 4dbcf5b738 .vimrc: Close terminals before running again 5 months ago
  tdro 11506a87a8 .vimrc: s:terminal -> s:repl 5 months ago
  tdro 20852793c9 .local/bin: Add vale wrapper 5 months ago
  tdro a1174a335a .vimrc: Rust format and REPL 5 months ago
  tdro 24a2925ca8 .vimrc: Add dash 5 months ago
  tdro 39c5787e53 .local/bin/fzf: Namespacing 5 months ago
  tdro e0034c00f2 .vimrc: Automatically close documentation 5 months ago
  tdro ca0bfe8620 .config/nixpkgs: Add chromexup 5 months ago
  tdro c88965215c .vimrc: Move tex compile to general 5 months ago
  tdro c2b3956712 .vimrc: Function Repl -> REPL 5 months ago
  tdro 4f6f65b05e .vimrc: LaTeX auto compile 5 months ago
  tdro 12b9148de9 .vimrc: Redraw on PHP fix 5 months ago
  tdro 97c12ed19e .vimrc: misc format syntax 5 months ago
  tdro 0a128164c4 .vimrc: Open terminal here 5 months ago