48 Commits (master)

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  tdro 0d5afea232 .bash_profile: Just prefix path 1 month ago
  tdro 8697223f14 .bash_profile: Execute exports once 1 month ago
  tdro c7ee1b2cfa .bash_profile: Disable python writing to ~/.python_history 1 month ago
  tdro 05ca459d34 .bash_profile: Disable shellcheck SC2016 2 months ago
  tdro caa2346a83 .bash_profile: Don't assume groff exists 2 months ago
  tdro 4fd3fa5ccc .mplayer -> .config/mplayer 3 months ago
  tdro 9f2a583cc5 .bash_profile: Export groff font path 3 months ago
  tdro a1174a335a .vimrc: Rust format and REPL 5 months ago
  tdro 39c5787e53 .local/bin/fzf: Namespacing 5 months ago
  tdro 6bcd880481 .bash_profile: Use vim as man pager 6 months ago
  tdro 9dc556a47b .bash_profile: Sync history 6 months ago
  tdro 86c99c5c68 .bash_profile: History control ignoreboth 6 months ago
  tdro 6aabf6b992 .bash_profile: fzf add bg+ back 6 months ago
  tdro 2710f4e78c .bash_profile: fzf disable bg+ 6 months ago
  tdro faf41b6fff .bash_profile: Set local path first 7 months ago
  tdro fa6c2e5910 .config: Add npmrc 7 months ago
  tdro 7032606cf1 .bashrc: Set go path dynamically 8 months ago
  tdro 14c3a065d5 .bash_profile: "!" not recognized during sh shell load (nixos) 8 months ago
  tdro a43e077f33 .bash_profile: Remove unused paths 8 months ago
  tdro 9fcafa4032 .bash_profile: Update color scheme 8 months ago
  tdro 564d041d67 .bash_profile: Get xorg module path before exec 8 months ago
  tdro d48d68c715 .bash_profile; Dark theme host talon 8 months ago
  tdro a72e57d569 .bash_profile: Use posix comparison style 8 months ago
  tdro 6c5e48655b .bash_profile: Add user xorg.conf.d 8 months ago
  tdro 14a5cf17a3 .bash_profile: Add specific theme exports 8 months ago
  tdro 487db8d659 .bash_profile: Use xinit directly 8 months ago
  tdro 3a3d1b79a1 .bash_profile: Add theme exports 8 months ago
  tdro e0528aa08c .config/moc: Add config 8 months ago
  tdro 49cd5468d1 .bash_profile: Update exports 8 months ago
  tdro da85bc2cdf .bash_profile: Add return code to PS1 9 months ago
  tdro 8b1b4135d3 .bash_profile: Remove date from PS1 9 months ago
  tdro 0989735043 .bash_profile: Add shade to date in PS1 9 months ago
  tdro 1832b0b96a .bash_profile: Change user PS1 shade 9 months ago
  tdro 700a0862ac .bash_profile: Add timestamp to PS1 9 months ago
  tdro 9b063e78d9 .bashrc: Check if profile loaded 9 months ago
  tdro 7ef0e72740 .bashrc: Source profile and bashrc interchangeably 9 months ago
  tdro 800b5b45c4 .bashrc: Move prompts to profile 9 months ago
  tdro 6d649e52ca .bashrc: Source fzm from bashrc 9 months ago
  tdro 433a613e32 .bashrc: Move paths to profile 9 months ago
  tdro cf26335805 .bashrc: Move exports to profile 9 months ago
  tdro fea4b1193b .bash_profile: Source bashrc on non graphical terminals 1 year ago
  tdro e0d0105453 .bash_profile: Don't source .bashrc 1 year ago
  tdro 508031e9e5 .bashrc: Always source composer and npm paths 1 year ago
  tdro c2673f991f dotfiles: update 2 years ago
  tdro 4efdd8c3e2 dotfiles: update 3 years ago
  tdro d6e490db4f dotfiles: update path 3 years ago
  tdro 8c0193f1ab dotfiles: update 4 years ago
  tdro 534212844c new format 4 years ago