808 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tdro 608ac8edc9 .local/bin/scripts/window-switcher: Add prompt 14 hours ago
  tdro 1095981577 .config/emacs/emacs.el: Set text selection color 14 hours ago
  tdro 33fe558b16 .local/bin/plumber-dmenu: Reduce start up time 14 hours ago
  tdro f52e3543ac .vimrc: pretty format awk code 15 hours ago
  tdro 6582e86054 .config/nixpkgs/packages/vale-styles/default: Add hooks 17 hours ago
  tdro 7b840fa857 .local/bin/plumber-dmenu: Get options from plumber 17 hours ago
  tdro 0afb5d636e .config/nixpkgs: Add boomer 17 hours ago
  tdro 35cd3f21f1 .vimrc: Add simple awk REPL and linter 18 hours ago
  tdro c05ef87b97 .vimrc: Group split window mappings 18 hours ago
  tdro 877660de33 .local/bin/dmenu_run_history: Add labels 18 hours ago
  tdro 1f9dd7aed6 .local/bin/plumber-dmenu: Add more plumbers 1 day ago
  tdro b731c7f1fd .local/bin/plumber-dmenu: Notify on empty clipboard 3 days ago
  tdro 7a8273b885 .local/bin/plumber: Use IO.binwrite 3 days ago
  tdro 1d7ed54def .config/xbindkeysrc: Control ontop property 3 days ago
  tdro 49e40db360 .local/bin/plumber: Single line replace \n 3 days ago
  tdro 1ac47cf787 .config/nixpkgs: Add diffpdf 3 days ago
  tdro 6050c129bc .local/bin/plumber: Add crude text plumber 3 days ago
  tdro 48b5b89dbe .config/xbindkeysrc: Control toggle full screen 3 days ago
  tdro 0d04bf6a76 .vimrc: Detect elixir file type 3 days ago
  tdro 8901238948 .config/nixpkgs: Add xsel 3 days ago
  tdro 741576dc8f .config/nixpkgs/config: Add back pass and zbar 1 week ago
  tdro 984a52b592 .vimrc: Set display to lastline 1 week ago
  tdro 15bba4d187 .config/nixpkgs/packages/ntrviewer: Add man page 1 week ago
  tdro 2043bf1411 .config/nixpkgs: Ensure Perl 5 and 6 1 week ago
  tdro 394d1554f8 .config/nixpkgs: Add mypaint 1 week ago
  tdro b308190cdd .config/nixpkgs/shells/ansible-nixops: Allow NixOS 20.09 3 weeks ago
  tdro 03173bb19e .config/nixpkgs: Add anki 3 weeks ago
  tdro 47465eb95b .config/mimeapps.list: Add mail client 3 weeks ago
  tdro 28db46504b .vimrc: Add nixos option lookups 3 weeks ago
  tdro dac65080e0 .vimrc: Use lowercase leader throughout 3 weeks ago
  tdro 0805f12556 .vimrc: Add elixir function lookups 3 weeks ago
  tdro ae0c740886 .vimrc: Add elixir format 3 weeks ago
  tdro 82c264220a .config/nixpkgs: Set elixir version 3 weeks ago
  tdro 88f1b25f8c .config/nixpkgs: Add planner 3 weeks ago
  tdro 05ca459d34 .bash_profile: Disable shellcheck SC2016 3 weeks ago
  tdro caa2346a83 .bash_profile: Don't assume groff exists 3 weeks ago
  tdro f730165081 .local/bin/scripts/sshfs-mount: Add TODO 3 weeks ago
  tdro bda5833d61 .config/nixpkgs: Sync unstable with upstream 3 weeks ago
  tdro 0591d82b23 .local/share/applications: Add video 1 month ago
  tdro 4fd3fa5ccc .mplayer -> .config/mplayer 1 month ago
  tdro 8f42e1c9f9 .config/git/gitignore -> .config/git/ignore 1 month ago
  tdro a6856f8e42 .gitconfig -> .config/git/config 1 month ago
  tdro 8a6f167cff .config/gitignore-global -> .config/git/gitignore 1 month ago
  tdro 2f5721bc0e .config: Add zim 1 month ago
  tdro 78a2d6f398 .config/nixpkgs: Add vimb 1 month ago
  tdro 800d6af889 .config/nixpkgs: Split HTML tools into package 1 month ago
  tdro 6fc1d55e67 .config/nixpkgs: Add nixpkgs formatter and linter 1 month ago
  tdro e033877d94 .config/nixpkgs/shells/deploy-personal: Add version to PS1 1 month ago
  tdro a5f9db3481 .config/nixpkgs: Add systemd2nix 1 month ago
  tdro bf7fd01a38 .config/copyq: Disable check selection 1 month ago