Thedro's Dotfiles
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tdro 083e352c7b .local/bin/picospeaker: Add echo option 14 hours ago
.config .local/share/applications/image: Use sxiv 4 days ago
.local .local/bin/picospeaker: Add echo option 14 hours ago
.mozilla/firefox .mozilla/firefox/profile.default/user.js: Update 4 days ago
.vim .vim/colors/fluid.vim: Set CursorLineNR & LineNR 2 days ago
.bash_profile .bash_profile: Disable shellcheck SC2016 1 month ago
.bashrc .bashrc: Add shellquote function 15 hours ago
.festivalrc dotfiles: add festival config 3 years ago
.gitignore dotfiles: Simplify git dotfiles method 1 year ago
.vimrc .vimrc: Create crude typographic formatter and reverser 16 hours ago
LICENSE Create LICENSE 1 year ago Remove preview images 1 year ago

Thedro's Dotfiles

These are my dotfiles.