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authorMarkus Teich <markus.teich@stusta.mhn.de>2016-05-21 21:51:14 +0200
committerHiltjo Posthuma <hiltjo@codemadness.org>2016-06-03 19:13:15 +0200
commit44c7de3dcf49ee568863f55610f40c7a05b4dfe7 (patch)
tree1a3e45f6e616ff256a0d195272d68ca69f5c153f /drw.h
parentb3d9451c2ddfad7c1b10e9a868afed4d92b37e41 (diff)
import new drw from libsl and minor fixes.
- extract drawitem function (code deduplication) - fix bug where inputw was not correctly calculated from the widest item, but just from the one with the longest strlen() which is not the same. It's better now, but does not account for fallback fonts, since it would be too slow to calculate all the correct item widths on startup. - minor code style fixes (indentation, useless line breaks)
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1 files changed, 23 insertions, 40 deletions
diff --git a/drw.h b/drw.h
index e3b8515..4c67419 100644
--- a/drw.h
+++ b/drw.h
@@ -1,29 +1,19 @@
/* See LICENSE file for copyright and license details. */
-typedef struct {
- unsigned long pix;
- XftColor rgb;
-} Clr;
typedef struct {
Cursor cursor;
} Cur;
-typedef struct {
+typedef struct Fnt {
Display *dpy;
- int ascent;
- int descent;
unsigned int h;
XftFont *xfont;
FcPattern *pattern;
+ struct Fnt *next;
} Fnt;
-typedef struct {
- Clr *fg;
- Clr *bg;
- Clr *border;
-} ClrScheme;
+enum { ColFg, ColBg }; /* Clr scheme index */
+typedef XftColor Clr;
typedef struct {
unsigned int w, h;
@@ -32,43 +22,36 @@ typedef struct {
Window root;
Drawable drawable;
GC gc;
- ClrScheme *scheme;
- size_t fontcount;
- Fnt *fonts[DRW_FONT_CACHE_SIZE];
+ Clr *scheme;
+ Fnt *fonts;
} Drw;
-typedef struct {
- unsigned int w;
- unsigned int h;
-} Extnts;
/* Drawable abstraction */
-Drw *drw_create(Display *, int, Window, unsigned int, unsigned int);
-void drw_resize(Drw *, unsigned int, unsigned int);
-void drw_free(Drw *);
+Drw *drw_create(Display *dpy, int screen, Window win, unsigned int w, unsigned int h);
+void drw_resize(Drw *drw, unsigned int w, unsigned int h);
+void drw_free(Drw *drw);
/* Fnt abstraction */
-Fnt *drw_font_create(Drw *, const char *);
-void drw_load_fonts(Drw *, const char *[], size_t);
-void drw_font_free(Fnt *);
-void drw_font_getexts(Fnt *, const char *, unsigned int, Extnts *);
-unsigned int drw_font_getexts_width(Fnt *, const char *, unsigned int);
+Fnt *drw_fontset_create(Drw* drw, const char *fonts[], size_t fontcount);
+void drw_fontset_free(Fnt* set);
+unsigned int drw_fontset_getwidth(Drw *drw, const char *text);
+void drw_font_getexts(Fnt *font, const char *text, unsigned int len, unsigned int *w, unsigned int *h);
-/* Colour abstraction */
-Clr *drw_clr_create(Drw *, const char *);
-void drw_clr_free(Clr *);
+/* Colorscheme abstraction */
+void drw_clr_create(Drw *drw, Clr *dest, const char *clrname);
+Clr *drw_scm_create(Drw *drw, const char *clrnames[], size_t clrcount);
/* Cursor abstraction */
-Cur *drw_cur_create(Drw *, int);
-void drw_cur_free(Drw *, Cur *);
+Cur *drw_cur_create(Drw *drw, int shape);
+void drw_cur_free(Drw *drw, Cur *cursor);
/* Drawing context manipulation */
-void drw_setfont(Drw *, Fnt *);
-void drw_setscheme(Drw *, ClrScheme *);
+void drw_setfontset(Drw *drw, Fnt *set);
+void drw_setscheme(Drw *drw, Clr *scm);
/* Drawing functions */
-void drw_rect(Drw *, int, int, unsigned int, unsigned int, int, int, int);
-int drw_text(Drw *, int, int, unsigned int, unsigned int, const char *, int);
+void drw_rect(Drw *drw, int x, int y, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, int filled, int invert);
+int drw_text(Drw *drw, int x, int y, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, unsigned int lpad, const char *text, int invert);
/* Map functions */
-void drw_map(Drw *, Window, int, int, unsigned int, unsigned int);
+void drw_map(Drw *drw, Window win, int x, int y, unsigned int w, unsigned int h);