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removed libdc dependence
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+/* See LICENSE file for copyright and license details. */
+#define FG(dc, col) ((col)[(dc)->invert ? ColBG : ColFG])
+#define BG(dc, col) ((col)[(dc)->invert ? ColFG : ColBG])
+enum { ColBG, ColFG, ColBorder, ColLast };
+typedef struct {
+ int x, y, w, h;
+ Bool invert;
+ Display *dpy;
+ GC gc;
+ Pixmap canvas;
+ struct {
+ int ascent;
+ int descent;
+ int height;
+ XFontSet set;
+ XFontStruct *xfont;
+ } font;
+} DC; /* draw context */
+unsigned long getcolor(DC *dc, const char *colstr);
+void drawrect(DC *dc, int x, int y, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, Bool fill, unsigned long color);
+void drawtext(DC *dc, const char *text, unsigned long col[ColLast]);
+void drawtextn(DC *dc, const char *text, size_t n, unsigned long col[ColLast]);
+void initfont(DC *dc, const char *fontstr);
+void freedc(DC *dc);
+DC *initdc(void);
+void mapdc(DC *dc, Window win, unsigned int w, unsigned int h);
+void resizedc(DC *dc, unsigned int w, unsigned int h);
+int textnw(DC *dc, const char *text, size_t len);
+int textw(DC *dc, const char *text);
+void eprintf(const char *fmt, ...);
+void weprintf(const char *fmt, ...);
+const char *progname;