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2023-08-25shell: Export HOME and HISTFILEtdro1-0/+1
Deno emit has silent errors without $HOME for deno-wasmbuild cache folder, which requires an Internet connection on every call if not available.
2023-01-28themes/default/layouts/_default: Name spacingtdro1-0/+1
Make list.html -> index.html and identify sections by name. Ignore Deno vendor folder.
2022-07-18themes/default/layouts/partials/function: Do not fetch saved favicons againtdro1-0/+1
Separate fetch function. Use permalink in write to file pattern.
2022-05-06static: Remove asset duplicationtdro1-1/+0
Move bundles up the fold.
2022-05-06themes/default/layouts/partials/head: Bundletdro1-0/+1
Fingerprint and cache bust automatically.
2022-05-03config.yaml: Commissiontdro1-0/+3